Life Update

Hello from Monterey, CA!

Yep, you read that right. We are back in beautiful Monterey and my heart is so happy to be here.

So many of you have followed our journey and we are very thankful to have you. I posted about going back to work on Instagram a few days ago and many of you reached out asking what we were up to. I figured this would be a good place to share where we are right now. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, we will give you our open and honest thoughts.

Long story, short….. We arrived in late July and I went back to work at Pebble Beach soon after. We are still in the 5th wheel and to be completely transparent, we literally have no idea where we will land. Zero ha!

After being on the road and moving for almost a year, I craved stillness. Pebble called me back to work, so we figured it would be nice to stay put for a little bit, be closer to family and earn an income as well. I missed our family, my sense of purpose and a lot more so much. We also planned to come home for the holidays so at this point, we plan on being here through the end of the year. Unless the world gets shut down again or a meteor hits us or who knows what these days. But I’ll be real, I do enjoy living small, but there is no way I will go back to living the nomad life again. I know so many love & enjoy it and I am truly happy for them, but I did not.

I’m under the impression anything can happen and that’s both good and bad for my mental health. It’s good because the possibilities are out there and we are in the position to leave at any moment, but I also like stability and knowing what’s ahead. I think most everyone can relate to the stress of these uncertain times to some point.

So for now, I’m are enjoying the beautiful weather and the freedom of driving down the 1 with the top down in my very own car. IYKYK

PS Yes, Bam is still happily living his golden years with us! He walks a mile a day, begs for treats and loves to lay in the sun. I’d say he is living his best life.<3


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