Birthday in Beverly Beach, Florida

We arrived at Beverly Beach, Florida on my birthday. Mike booked a spot on the beach. Well we were in the second row from the ocean. I could see and hear the ocean waves from bed and smell the salty ocean air. It was perfect.

This was my first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean. It’s crazy to think I celebrated my birthday on the Pacific Coast last year and somehow life brought us here.

We spent 2 nights there and enjoyed it so much. It was so nice to take Bam down to the ocean for a walk. I made sure to describe the sunsets to him like the good ole days. ☺️

By the way this is the reality of taking a picture with Bam these days. He’s so spastic. His nose goes into overdrive with all of the smells and wants nothing to do with me. Mike on the other hand can do no wrong. That dog loves Mike. I’m chopped liver.

The sand was like a rusty red & course with a lot of crushed seashells. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I had my first expierence with no-see-ums. Tiny bugs that bite and you literally can’t see them. I was able to identify them because they were on my black sunglasses & a quick Google search. I walked into a swarm of them near the beach and holy smokes. It felt like I was getting eaten alive. They feel like tiny pin pricks all over your body.

Other than that we had a wonderful time there and I’m thankful I got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Florida is so different than what I’m used to. It’s hard to explain, but I’d say Monterey has a more coastal feel with lots of oak & cypress trees, it’s cool, often foggy, the water is very cold – in the 50’s year round, and has a more historic vibe. Not saying Florida isn’t historic – it’s also rich in history, it just doesn’t stand out to me like it did in Monterey.

Point Lobos State Park, Carmel, CA

Florida has a tropical beachy vibe and it is much warmer. Lot’s of palm trees, sunshine, rain and so green. The homes are painted light beach colors…teal, light pink, white etc. The roads. Oh my gosh the roads here are so well maintained. It feels a lot more laid back. So many people enjoying the water. Fishing, boating, just spending the day at the beach. The water is so warm – it was 80 degrees yesterday.

It’s not surprising, they are on completely different sides of the US and are opposite in so many ways. It’s just so cool to experience both and see what things are like outside of the little bubble I lived in for so many years.

Okay I’m gonna wrap this up and do something productive today. I hope you’re enjoying these posts. I have a few more coming as we head down the Atlantic Coast of Florida. I’m writing this from bed in Juno Beach, so there are a few more locations I want to share before I write in “real time.” Also I’m working on an intentional living segment, so let me know if there is something specific you would like to see.

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