The worlds most famous beach

We arrived in Daytona Beach, Florida unknowingly right in the middle of Jeep Beach Week. It was a busy, which turned out to be a lot of fun too. Jeep people seem to be a lot of fun!

My dad is a huge Nascar fan, and I remember watching it on tv all the time growing up, so driving by Daytona International Speedway was really neat to see in person. I was surprised it is a lot bigger than it looks on tv. I can’t imagine how crazy the Daytona area must be during race events.

We stayed at Daytona Speedway RV park. It was decent and right across the street from a flee market. We walked through it and found a pickle & olive booth. It was so busy so we figured it must be good. Turns out it was fantastic! I picked up some vinegar and sea salt pickles & jalapeno olives and Mike picked out horseradish pickles & some sort of beef sticks.

On 4/28 we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary by driving on the beach to hang out.

Mike went for an open ocean swim for the first time….since….probably his Navy days? Then wondered why he was so sore the next day.🤔

Mike will make any excuse to stop by Bass Pro Shop, so of course we stopped in to pick up an ice chest. On the way to the beach we stopped by 7-11 and filled it up with water, snacks & ice. I think we lasted an hour or so on the beach until we looked like lobsters. The sun is a lot stronger here than I’m used to and we paid dearly for it. On the bright side, we are rocking tans like we belong in Florida now ha!

Daytona Beach is one of the few beaches in Florida you can drive on. It’s a 23 mile stretch of coastline where you can park and enjoy the day. It was $20 for an all day pass, but sadly no dogs are allowed. Don’t tell Bam.

They have several vendors along the beach such as ice cream trucks, food trucks, beach gear rental for boogie boards, lounge chairs & umbrellas. Probably a lot more, that’s just what I remember. The day before, we drove on the beach in New Smyrna Beach, the shark bite capital of the world the day before and that was really neat as well. Told ya I’m full of random facts.😂

After cooling our skin down, dinner and chilling on the couch, Cowboy took me on an anniversary date at Buc-ee’s. I got a Coke icee and Skinny Pop vegan cheese popcorn and they were delicious. I never get stuff like that, so let me tell you, that was an excessive amount of sugar. Come to think about it, that probably explains why I had such a hard time sleeping that night ha! #worthit Then we went gator hunting. By that I mean we just drove to random ponds looking for them.

Surprisingly we didn’t spot any gators that night but I have seen so many just traveling down the roads all over Florida. I am facinated by them.

That about wraps up our time in Daytona. We spent a full week there and realized that’s probably a bit longer than we like. We are still learning what works for us, and it seems 4 days, 3 nights is ideal in really cool places. We perfer 1-2 nights in smaller towns or those there isn’t a lot to do.

Pleae tell me y’all love Buc-ee’s as much as I do.

If you’ve been to Daytona Beach, what did you do? Did you enjoy it?

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