Florida Panhandle

We arrived in Pensacola, Florida in early April and spent a few days there. It was beautiful, but it rained the entire time and according to the Weather app, it was supposed to continue. So we headed to Panama City Beach in hopes of better weather and maybe a little sunshine.

Turns out we were wrong. It actually poured nearly the entire time we were there. Thankfully our second to last afternoon, there was a break in the rain and we had the chance to explore a bit.

Mike wanted shrimp, so we went to Hang Five Bar & Grill. It’s right on the beach with incredible views!

He had the blackened grilled shrimp and said it was great. It’s too stressful to dine out with my allergies, so I ate beforehand. We sat at the bar, watched a golf tournament and chatted with tourists. It’s so fun talking to others about where they’re from and what they are up to.

I have heard so many good things about the Gulf Of Mexico coastline in Florida, so I was very excited to see it. The water was beautiful, but I can imagine it would have been even more stunning if the sun were out. We plan to go back so hopefully it’s a nice sunny day when we arrive.

Also so many of you recommended Destin, Florida so that’s on our list. Y’all said to drive the A1A along a lot of Florida and whoa, you were right! It’s almost heaven. The weather was so bad and looked like it wasn’t going to clear any time soon, so we headed east.

We enjoyed shopping in Pier Park which was a nice way to spend some time waiting for the storms to pass. The thing about Florida rain is that it’s so much warmer than I’m used to so I don’t really mind being in it, just not when it’s really coming down. Is this why Crocs are so popular here?

Our last day the rain cleared long enough to hang out with birds & sloths at ZooWorld.

This little blue bird was very interested in my bag. I didn’t have food or anything fun, just a Hydro Flask of water & sunglasses. But it kept going back to my bag for some reason. I thought it was so cute. We had to make sure it wasn’t planning to become free like a hippie when we left.

I love sloths so we paid a little extra to have an up close encounter with Slow and Moe. It was well worth it as we learned so much about them. I have actually been learning so much being on the road. Everywhere we go, I Google about the area, wildlife, weather, etc because it’s new to me and so interesting. I am now a nerd and can tell you random facts about alligators, sloths, tornados, hurricanes and other random stuff you probably don’t even want to know ha!

We also stopped by a llamas, alligators, flamingos, goats and many other exhibits. I adore animals so much. Except snakes. I can’t even pretend to like them.

I forget this llamas name, but she was a sassy one. Can you see it in her eyes? It’s all good, I understand her. I am her.

We left Panama City Beach and headed to Madison, Florida for the night. Then on to Palm Coast & stayed in Beverly Beach. I’ll share more in the next post.

Since we got here, we slowed down a lot. We figured out 3-4 nights is plenty of time to explore and get a feel for an area. Sometimes we book an entire week if we really like it. RV resorts tend to offer a deal if we stay 2 nights, the 3rd night is free. Weekly rates are usually a great deal too.

We don’t book anything until a day or two before we are due to check out. I actually like the flexibility to stay longer if we like the place or leave early if we don’t. Which both have happened several times.

I’m gonna wrap this up and head outside with Mike. Not sure what we’re going to do, but I am loving being warm after living in chilly Monterey for years.

Seriously, what is the deal with Crocs in Florida?

Are you interested in the resorts we are staying at?

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