Driver of the struggle bus

Hello from the Sunshine State and my brand new laptop! I’ll explain the new laptop situation in a bit, but oh my gosh, it is absolutely beautiful here.

We’re in Juno Beach, Florida for the next week and have no plans after. We usually decide a day or two before we are supposed to check out so we’ll see where we land next.

Juno Beach, Florida

In the meantime I am fully enjoying the turquoise beaches, having a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and literally anything I can dream of nearby. Well except Teriyaki Madness. Those are hard to come by in Florida for some reason.

Juno Beach Pier

The story behind the new laptop happened a month or two ago. We stopped for lunch during a travel day, opened the slides and realized the kitchen water faucet had turned itself on while we were driving. I guess it loosed up when we hit a bump and fresh water flowed. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except the faucet was turned to the counter, not into the sink.😵

Who knows how long the water ran, but it was awhile based on the amount of water on the floor, the couch and eventually down to my laptop which was in the side pocket of the couch. Soooo yeah…..that was… But at least it was fresh water.

Odd thing is the laptop worked fine until the latest update then the Wi-Fi wouldn’t turn on. So today we just went ahead and purchased a new MacBook Air. So I’m back in business and feeling the pull to share more with you on here.


Juno Beach Pier

In March when we were ready to leave Yuma, Arizona we decided to slowly head to Florida. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know about my struggles with living the full time RV lifestyle. I have had a hard time leaving my old life behind and making peace with it. I worked so hard to build the life I truly loved so much. To give it all up was and still is very emotionally difficult. Now the thought of starting over from scratch and rebuilding…..I can’t even think about it too much. I honestly don’t know when or how I’ll be able to take the next step.

This isn’t a woe is me kinda post, so please don’t feel sorry for me. I know there are so many people who would love this opportunity or are struggling with something much worse. I’m just feeling like I’m stepping on legos over here. Barefoot. I know I’ll find my way someday….it’s just a matter of “when” at this point.

Cannery Row, Monterey, California

One thing I miss a lot is the ocean, so that is part of the reason we decided to come to Florida. We started along the Panhandle in Pensacola, then Panama City Beach. From there we are traveling down the Atlantic Coastal line, which is where we are right now, then eventually up the Gulf Of Mexico. We are loving Florida and are starting to consider landing here. I say that very loosely because there are some drawbacks. I’m more concerned about not dying in the summer heat + humidity, hurricanes and being so far away from my little grandma/family.

I’m also afraid of making the wrong decision, so making none at all is safe. And that’s just dumb ha!

So that was a lot of words just to tell you guys hi, I’m struggling, a freak water accident destroyed my laptop, I got a new one so I can blog again and I can’t decide what to do with my life.🤣

I promised to take you on this adventure and be raw + honest, so here we are. The driver of the struggle bus in all her glory.

Are you good with making big life decisions or do you lock up?

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