Road Trip To Freedom

I just made a hot Earl Grey tea, put on some Craig Morgan (Almost Home) and opened my laptop to write this post. Cowboy is watching the latest episode of Yellowstone with a magnesium water. Like who is he ha? There’s nothing significant about this information, I just enjoy details when I read blog posts or watch YouTube….maybe you do too?

So much has happened since the last time I checked in. And it’s all happened so fast, it has taken me a bit to come up for air.

I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on the timeline of everything so Cowboy + I have something to look back on. It’s also a way for you guys and new followers to catch up so things make more sense in future posts.

So here is how we went from taking a road trip as a vacation, loving it so much we found a way to quit our jobs, sell nearly everything and travel the US full time in a 5th wheel.

May 2020

5/16-6/6 We took a 3 week Road trip vacation to AZ, NM, TX, OK, UT, ID & NV.

5/25 (Memorial Day also 1 week into our trip) Bought a trailer in St. George, UT.

First week of owning + living in the trailer, we fell in love with the freedom and RV living we decided to start working to make this a full time thing.

June 2020  

6/10 Real estate agent came to walk through the house. Discussed listing our home within the next 30 days & steps to take.

6/11 Mike called his boss & told him of our plans. Talked about investments after selling our home.

6/10 I started going through drawers, throwing stuff away & put some aside for sale/donation.

6/12 Yesterday I listed clothes for sale on Poshmark. Today I’ve been listing more & already sold & shipped several items.

6/10 Mike passed his DOT exam for renewal.

6/19 We ordered a custom build 2021 Ford F-350.

July 2020

7/1-7/3 Upgraded guest bedroom flooring, repaired wall in bathroom & put in a brand new sewer lateral. 

7/10 House officially was listed on the market.

7/14 House sold over list price.

7/15 Sold my Porsche, delivery will be just before we leave.

7/19 We purchased a 2021 Grand Design Momentum TH397. (I’ll do a seperate post on it)

7/20 We listed our Keystone Outback trailer for sale. (Yep, the one we purchased while on vacation on 5/25/20)

7/15-17 We took the Outback out for one last go round at Pismo Beach, CA before we sold it.

7/22 Mike officially gave his resignation with his job.

7/29 Sold the Outback trailer.

8/4 I went to Pebble Beach to say goodbye to a few coworkers & the golf course. Walked the course and it felt eerie. As I was driving home on 17 Mile Drive I felt content with our decision to leave.

8/17 Sold Cowboys Ford F-150 truck.

8/18 Still married. Barley. Just kidding. Not really. Maybe.

The 5th wheel and F-350 should be here any day now! Thankfully we negotiated a 60 day escrow because we don’t have delivery dates set in stone. Escrow closes on 9/10 so we are crossing our fingers and toes everything arrives in time.

2021 Grand Design Momentum we ordered. Not the exact colors, as this is a stock photo from

That brings us up to date. Let me know what specific topics you’re interested in learning more about. The emotional side of this life change? Our transition plan? Anything, we want to write content you are interested in.

We are toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel. Is that something that would be of interest? It’s a ton of work, which we’re happy to do, but we want to know it there’s interest before we dive into it.

One comment

  1. Great timeline! I’m all about documenting and looking back at things. You’ll be glad you did this! I’d love to watch your YouTube!


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