Living in Limbo

When we make a decision, we move fast.

I feel like we have already made progress and if I am able to do something that moves us towards our new adventure every day, it makes my brain happy.

Here is our timeline + a look at what we’ve done so far:

5/16-6/6 Took 3 week road trip. Bought a trailer in St. George on 5/25 (Memorial Day) 

6/10 Real estate agent came to walk through the house. Discussed listing our home within the next 30 days & steps to take.

6/11 Cowboy called his boss & told him of our plans. Talked about investments after selling our home. I started going through drawers, throwing stuff away & put some aside for sale/donation.

6/12 I listed some clothes for sale on Poshmark. I’ve been listing more & already sold & shipped several items.

6/16 Cowboy did his DOT exam to renew his Class A license. We also met with our CPA and found out CA has zero capital gains taxes up to $500K, which is fantastic for us!

6/17 Our contractor came by for an estimate on redoing the guest room flooring + repairing the guest bathroom. We ordered flooring materials from Lowes. They should be here 6/24.

**On a side note, we decided to rip out the carpet and put in bamboo flooring because the guest room kinda felt overlooked and we wanted everything to look polished. It’s been our catch all room, so I’ll definitely be showing it some love after the flooring is complete.

The next few things on our list is to start the process of building a Ford F350 and start working on getting the house picture ready. Our agent booked a professional photographer for July 2, then we plan to list is shortly after. Things of course can change, but that’s currently our goal.

In the meantime, I can’t go through our belongings because I’ll need the space to have organized piles for donation/sale/toss. That would usually be the guest room, but we will have to move everything out of there soon for the work. Sooooo yeah I’m kinda living in limbo at the moment.

Also something that I never really expected, but it feels weird to hike or go on walks like I used to because I’m in this odd headspace of letting Monterey go and being open to our new adventure. Like, I never imagined I’d try not to like it here lol!

I tend to get too comfortable and not want to leave. It’s such an odd place to be in….enjoying life now, but not allowing myself to get too comfortable. Since this is all new to me, I don’t really know how to deal with it, so I’m doing my best to keep busy and working towards our new adventure. Does any of this even make sense?

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We’re open to thoughts + suggestions as we navigate this foreign, yet super fun adventure, so please drop us a line below!

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