Selling nearly everything + leaving

About a week into living the RV life, I think we both knew it was for us and not just for a little vacay getaway every few months or so. We knew we wanted it to be a long term thing.

I snapped this picture with the GoPro of us having coffee overlooking the Virgin River at River Rock Roasting Co. in La Verkin, UT in 2015. I kept a copy of it in my car and on our coffee table to remind me of our dreams. This picture helped me through quite a few workdays over the last 5 years.

We have been talking about selling everything, purchasing a trailer or 5th wheel to live & travel in since our first road trip in 2015. We even had a 5 year plan to make it happen. In February, 2019 Cowboy had a stroke and our plan was put on hold for the rest of the year. Nowadays we are incredibly thankful he is darn near fully recovered. There are a myriad of reasons why we feel the pull to leave CA and to be very honest with you guys, we dislike California for many reasons. The “C” word and other events happening here have solidified our thoughts & feelings.

I almost lost my husband to a stroke, and that experience changed both of us. All of this is what sparked the idea to take a road trip last month. We just needed to be in a place where we could breathe. Where folks have share the same values. Where there weren’t so many rules and self appointed cops.

People have said to Mike, “If you leave your job, you won’t have benefits?” and he responds, “But this job is killing me!” The 60 to 100 hour weeks are just too much for him to do anymore.

That’s how we ended up in Texas. Nearly everywhere we went, we immediately felt like we fit in. Like these are our people.

A beautiful tribute outside Lowes in Amarillo, TX on Memorial Day weekend. We have never seen anything like this in CA.

We felt free and didn’t feel like we were doing something by wrong not wearing a mask. Heck, we also dined in full restaurants. You know, like February 2020.

We have reached a point in our lives where we are ready to take a big life risk. One where we sell nearly everything we own, sever all ties to California (except friends + family), jump in our camping trailer, and explore beautiful America.

We like where we live in Monterey, CA. It’s a mile walk to the beach, the weather is amazing; 50’s to 70’s year round. We don’t even own an air conditioner. We enjoy our jobs, and they pay very well for what we do. We have great health benefits, which we are very thankful for. But we will never be able to retire here, even if our house was paid off. This state will tax you to death. And then somehow find another way to slap another tax on you after you die.

Playing with Bam on the beach near our house.

We started seriously talking about all of this the last week of our trip, I think in Zion, but I will never forget the day it all clicked for me and I felt 100% certain this life was the right decision. Actually I don’t even think I told Cowboy this…..I was laying in bed at Anderson Campground just outside of Twin Falls, ID. I had this overwhelming feeling of contentment. My body didn’t have any aches or pains (something that is very common for me every day to some degree), I didn’t feel anxious or worried. I was mentally + physically calm. I just knew this life was for us, especially since I felt that way since we purchased our camping trailer. I didn’t even want to come home, though I did want to see my little blindy buddy who I missed like crazy though.

Virgin River behind our RV site in Zion NP, UT

Cowboy, on the other hand has been ready for this 5 years ago. Maybe more? He is very much a wanderer who loves adventure, challenges and change. He can not stand being stagnant. I married a gypsy.

It took me a bit to get on board with the idea, but now I can’t imagine sitting within these walls of our beautiful beach house doing the same things, driving the same ways, working the same job, hiking the same trails, shopping at the same stores over and over again until we die. Like groundhog day.

We’re getting older, what are we going to say one day, looking back on our lives that we are happy we did? We don’t want to look back and say “We almost……..”

I hope to document everything. I’m ready to lose the fear of change or failing and share all of it with you. The good, the bad, the messy, the whole new set of challenges and problems. My absolute disgust of the RV dump hoses.

We’re here for it and I hope you are too.


  1. This is amazing!!! I’m so happy for you guys! I’m with you, I would never make it in California. It’s beautiful but I’d feel choked with all the restrictions, taxes, and dare I say, people afraid to speak their mind. I live the fact that Lowe’s honors our veterans. My son-in-law who is career military loves Lowe’s for their military discount. This world is becoming a crazy and uncertain place with all the current affairs but you’ll be able to escape and enjoy the beauty instead of seeing the ugliness that’s plaguing our country. I’m on this journey with you in spirit my friend! 💞


  2. So excited for you guys!! We HAD to get out of CA too. Our values just don’t match anymore either and we were working so hard for traffic, high taxes, bad schools, etc. Idaho seems to fit our bill right now. I can’t wait to follow your journey. I felt the same way after our RV trip last year. It just opens your eyes to all the beauty in other states.


    • We feel the same way as you for sure. It’s stifling in so many ways. We were so surprised by how much we love Idaho. I never would have thought I’d like to go there, but LOVED it so much. Thank you for being with us for the ride.


  3. This is so exciting! My husband and I made a very similar life change in 2018. After vacationing in NW Arkansas for the millionth time (one of our favorite spots) we decided to sell our house in North Texas and leave everything we’ve ever known behind to buy a house here. All of this happened over the span of 60 days. We wanted so much more from life than TX could ever offer with it’s horrid traffic and over commercialized society, little to no natural space and 7-month summers. We are both very fortunate to get to work from home so it made it an easier transition. Nobody in either of our families have ever moved away so it took a long, long time and a lot of unpleasant conversations before they came around. We knew nobody here, which was terrifying, but also one of the biggest blessings. You really feel like you do get to start fresh and find your place. ZERO regrets. None. Nada.

    Moral of my story: DO. IT. We took the “rip the band-aid off approach” and just dove in feet first. I feel like if we had waited on the “perfect time” we would have never done it. It’s scary and at times completely shocking to the system but once you find your place, it all makes sense. Wishing the best of luck as you navigate everything!


    • Lindsay, your comment was so thoughtful and real. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Though we’re ready for the challenge, I can’t help but second guess things. Your words resonated with me so much. As well as the 7 month summers in Texas LOL! We visited a lot of Texas last month and it was so hot, I felt like I was gonna pass out. I grew up in 100+ degree dry heat but it is nothing like Texas heat. I told Cowboy there’s no way I want to live in that kind of weather and it was only May! So thank you for confirming my thoughts on summer in Texas. I read your comment aloud to Cowboy and we laughed so hard. Now he’s wishing he would have taken me in March!


  4. So excited for your journey! We had to leave CA several years ago because our values don’t mesh with the current state of affairs. We relocated to Arizona and are now looking seriously into Idaho. There is only so much desert one can handle 😜


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