Texas tried to kill me

21 days
6,206 miles
135:43 driving hours
562.3 gallons of fuel
1 million memories
New Mexico
30 degrees cooler

We are home!

And still married 🤪

Hiking Angels Landing, Zion National Park, UT

Our original plan was to pack our bags for 3 weeks, jump in the truck and find hotels wherever we end up. It’s how we have always traveled for road trips. This time ended up being much different than all of the other trips combined. I had the most difficult time dining out with food allergies, restaurants being semi open and inexperience/communication issues between servers and chef’s. If I’m being honest, the first week was quite miserable as far as meals go. We were also in beef country, Texas. (Don’t worry, Texas, I still love you!) But there were days where I didn’t eat anything because every meal I ordered would somehow get messed up and it caused a lot of anxiety, stress and trust issues for both of us.

We both weren’t having much fun, so Mike woke up one morning and said I’m going to pull the trigger on an RV today. No pushback from me. My only idea was to head home.

It’s something we’ve been talking about doing for years, so I guess it was bound to happen ha!

We rolled into St. George, UT on a Sunday afternoon only to realize everything was closed. We forgot nearly everything is closed on Sundays in Utah, so we got a hotel across the street. Mike found camping trailer online, we stopped into Camping World first thing the next morning. Looked at it, saw one more (really to make my brain happy we saw something other than just one model) and had a deal within an hour.

At the dealership, just before leaving for the first time.

While the camping trailer was getting detailed, we had lunch (Chick fil a FTW!) and did a huge shop at Target. We were literally starting from scratch, as this was sorta a random decision, so we picked up the basics. Ended up with 3 shopping carts full even though we only stuck with necessities like 2 dinner plates, 2 sets of silverware, bedding, etc, it all adds up.

Getting our life together on the first evening.

We stayed at Willow Wind RV Park in Hurricane, Utah the first few nights. It was absolutely beautiful with lots of trees and about 30 minutes to Zion and 20 minutes from Camping World in case we needed anything or had questions. Which we totally did so it was the perfect place to adjust to RV life.


2019 Keystone Outback

28 feet long

5,980 pounds dry

1 slide

A peek inside:

It’s used, but we couldn’t tell until Cowboy found a little dog hair & a kibble under the couch when pulling it out to recline ha!

It’s the perfect layout for two and we are super stoked about it. The only thing we wish we would have thought about is a second air conditioner. It never crossed our minds to think of that, until we realized how hard our single one was working in 98 degree heat. So that will definitely be at the top of our list on our next 5th wheel or trailer.

Anyway, that’s kinda how our trip went. I’ll do another post about where we went and what we did. There are way too many pictures and details to add here. If you want a peek right now though, check out my Instagram as I posted a little along the way.

Until next time, Tallyho! (That’s what Cowboy would say every time we got back on the road).

What was your most recent random purchase?

Do you own a trailer/5th wheel/camper etc? We are open to tips & tricks as this is a new thing for us.

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