God Is Real

Last week we were in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Mike wanted to head to Dallas Texas, but for some reason it didn’t feel right to me at all. I can’t explain it, but I just did not want to go. Like I was dead set against going to Texas. I don’t think Mike understood why because I didn’t either ha!

November 16, 2020 just entering Texas from Louisiana.

We were limited to a few places to go because it’s winter and this girl didn’t sign up for this adventure to be cold, so Mike decided to head to Texas. It still didn’t feel right to me and if I’m being real honest, I was straight up mad at him. Until around mile marker 68 he pulled over and said like I know you don’t want this, I can feel your energy decline the further we go, so I’m going to head back west.

What a relief.

We’ve been hearing about the snow and ice there and how people are having to leave their homes to find power to stay warm, the deadly pile ups and all of the horrible things the state in enduring right now. It is so incredibly sad.

I’m telling you God is real. He is the only reason we are not in Texas right now. And now I know 100% without a doubt why I felt the way I did even though there was no way to explain it.

My thoughts and prayers are with Texans.

One comment

  1. God is real! I’m so glad you turned around and headed west! My heart breaks for all these people without power and who have never had to deal with extreme weather like our country is experiencing now. I’m hoping and praying our country gets some relief soon. Take care and stay warm!🥰


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