Adjusting Expectations

I’ve had some mixed moods lately. Some days I’m at peace, going on long walks in the sunshine, having delicious healthy meals and other days it’s foggy, I feel like a blobby mess that wants to sit on the couch and eat pizza with my dog. Oh and turns out, some days I’m married to a real life Eeyore. LMAOOOOOO

I think it’s fair to say we are all struggling at some point.

I’m mostly struggling with feeling like I should be doing something else, while I’m doing something. Does that even make sense? If I’m walking Bam, I feel like I should be doing laundry. If I’m grocery shopping, I feel like I should be washing the car.

I think it’s about adjusting my expectations of what being productive means during this weird time. 

If you’re feeling the same way, I have a few ideas to share with you to change things up. At least these are working for me…..right now.

Find something you put aside because you didn’t have time or any other excuse you may have made. For me, that was pulling out my GoPro. It’s been far too long since I’ve played with it. I found some rad footage from hiking Angles Landing in 2018 & learned how to make a clip on GoPro Quick app. Something that felt overwhelming, but I actually had time to learn.

Another thing I did was ride my bike. I’m embarrassed to even think about the last time I rode it. I’m a fair weather rider so that’s probably even more embarrassing.

I did a 10 mile ride to Lovers Point and back in the most perfect riding weather possible. It felt so good to be outside with others walking, riding and enjoying the day.

Find a local business to support. For Monterey, CA area peeps, I placed an online order with Russo’s Produce. It was so easy, I feel like those people in the movie Wall-E. Shop & pay online -> get confirmation email order is ready -> drive through, they load it -> go home and make delicious meals.

If you’re really not feeling it, there’s nothing wrong with going to bed before 6:00pm, making popcorn, watching Disney + with your dog and calling it a day. That’s exactly what I did last night and I’m already feeling much better this morning.

Have you tried something new during this time?

What is one thing you didn’t have time for that you are planning to pick back up?

What is the first thing you plan to do when all of this is over?

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