Birthday Farts

A few days ago, I circled the sun 40 times. We planned a fancy trip to Disneyland. We had reservations to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. We were gonna meet my friend Emily there to celebrate our birthdays together with Mickey Mouse since Em’s was earlier this month. Well of course the world stopped and we had to cancel.

Then I planned to hike a beautiful trail to celebrate, but all of the trails + parks were closed. So I decided to take Bam to the beach because going there makes him SO happy, and when he’s happy, I am too!

For new readers, Bam is 14, blind + nearly deaf. He can hear if we yell, then he thinks he’s coming to you, but in reality he’s going the wrong direction because he’s blind, and you yell louder, he’s confused……..and everybody thinks you’re a dick because you yell at your dog!

So he ran. Literally RAN along the coastline without a care in the world. No clue where he was going, but he was ah going. He didn’t want to leave, but it was windy + chilly and he was wet and shaking. Nope, dude was still ready to party. It was the perfect afternoon for us.

Due to my crazy food allergies, there are a handful of restaurants I trust. One of them was a sushi joint so I went all out and ordered Ramen, 2 sushi rolls, an appetizer & Mike a dinner bento box. The food delivery driver called and said the wait was an hour, and said I need to cancel my order because he didn’t want to wait. The funny part in all of this is I rarely even like dinner. And going out to dinner (which is thankfully not an option right now) is a form of torture.

Sooooooo I hopped in the shower and asked Mike to make a giant steamed artichoke the size of my head. It was delicious!

This is not a feel sorry for J post, I find it actually funny! Hey, I’ve had worse birthdays…..

Like the one in 2016, I had gallbladder removal surgery two days before my birthday + ended up in the ER on my 36th birthday.

Mike did his best combing my hair because I couldn’t lift my arms up post op.
My post from “memories” on Facebook

I hope you are laughing with us! And you can bet when Mickey Mouse decides to open his house, we will be booking again. Cowboy isn’t getting off the hook that easy. 😉

With the world being closed, I see people that have gone beyond just being scared, they are truly paranoid. The so called “experts” are telling us one thing and my own common sense is telling me something else.

I’m a self admitted germaphobe, I have always washed my hands 20 times a day, I wipe down door knobs and my phone and I take my supplements to stay healthy, don’t touch my face, and I haven’t had bad virus in years. I don’t want to get sick and I take steps to stay healthy.

I hope I can “try” and continue to live my best life. This was a big birthday, I can’t say I’m not disappointed but there are those that have lost more. I understand that.

So for now, I will just go to bed with my blind-deaf dog and try and explain Disney + to him while he ignores me and farts…….

What was your worst birthday?

How are handling quarantine? Anybody willing to risk felony charges yet?

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