About Us

Mike & Jacqueline

We are Mike and Jacqueline, also known as Cowboy & J. We have called Monterey, California home for the past 8 years with our Jack Russell Bam. 

In 2015 we took our first road trip together with just our suitcases, a rental car and general direction to the American Southwest. 

At a stop in Hurricane, UT we sat outside enjoying a cup of coffee while overlooking the Virgin River we had our first conversation about quitting our jobs, selling everything and living full time in an RV. We loved the freedom and adventure of the open road.

We put together a 5 year plan to make that our reality as soon as we got home.

In 2018, Mike survived a stroke and is doing well now, but it changed us. We decided life is too short not to make changes and take risks to better our quality of life. We couldn’t see ourselves working until our 60’s, cross our fingers and hope our health would hold up and timing would work out.

Some of our family and friends don’t understand our choices, and we know this is unconventional……..that’s why we love it.

We invite you to follow along with our adventures. 

We won’t be doing a lot of “how to” stuff here as we are learning along the way.

This space is about our unique way of life and where our journey takes us. Welcome to our journey.

More ways to follow our adventure:

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