Let’s not talk about the “C” word

I’m just sitting here wondering why in the heck I bought a 2020 planner.

We are living in strange times. I never thought I’d see anything like this in my lifetime, yet here we are.

On one hand I feel like writing about seemingly frivolous things feels wrong, however I’m willing to bet most of us are sooo over reading about the “C” word. No?

That brings me to this tiny corner of the internet world. I will not be talking about the “C” word, rather I’m hoping this space will be a nice distraction from what the world is going through. A little ray of sunshine if you will. Not to be confused with how I feel about what is going on. I have a heavy heart for everyone who is suffering, anxious, worried about our future…everything between. I have lost my job for the time being, so I am with you. I hear you. I am you. And we will make it through this together.

Since mid-March we have been instructed to shelter in place, but we can still go outdoors so I am doing my best to live as normal as possible. Which means I am walking a lot, baking, making healthy recipes like potato tacos! Shopping at my local produce market that is walkable within our neighborhood, walking Bam more, cleaning, organizing, watching Mike get older and Bam chew his butt. So you know, totally normal stuff.

So this has been my life. Comfy cozy clothes + blankets, lots of Bam snuggles (he is loving having his humans home most of the day), hot tea Earl Grey from Starbucks, watching Disney+ (please tell me you love Frozen I + II as much as I do!), baking, more phone calls instead of texts and an occasional Target or grocery store run. Oh and we kind of adopted an immunocompromised Senior couple so we check on them regularly and do their grocery shopping. My heart is happy.

Just for fun, here is what I think Mike would suggest: Enjoy a Whiskey Sour made with Gentleman Jack while watching Tiger King. Binge watch Breaking Bad, bitch about the state of our economy, work (his job is essential) burn weeds, send recipes to wife to make you treats, eat said treats, dream about future vacations and moving out of California, bitch about something the wife tunes out, drinks a French Press of coffee (Just Black from Rifle Coffee Company), takes wife out on a lunch date (take out of course), argues with wife over this stupid game for over an hour that almost leads to divorce:

Before I go, here are a few specific things I recommend trying:

*Make these Banana Blueberry Muffins They are amazing and definitely added to our rotation.

*Support small American business if you are able to. I’ve always held a soft spot for them.

* Listen to Ed Mylett on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. This episode is so uplifting and eye opening. Mike enjoyed it and he does not like listening to podcasts.

What are some things you have been enjoying lately? Any uplifting advice? Can anyone solve that dang puzzle above? I’ll share the answer in the comments if you request.

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