New lease on life

I feel like I have a new lease on life!

As many of you know I have always struggled with gut issues, food allergies & intolerances. (If you didn’t know, don’t worry I have a post that explains more in the works.) Anyway I have spent years looking for answers and starting this year, I took a big leap of faith and trusted my doctor who is a perfect blend of MD & Functional practitioner, and started taking a 6 week round of an antibiotic. Plus one 10 day round of another antibiotic and other natural supplements.

My medicine cabinet (that I share with Bam)

It was kind of a last resort thing as the other natural supplements I tried in the past few years either caused strong reactions/side effects or were too potent for my body. It was very difficult to find something that worked because I reacted to everything. Also, I’m very allergic to beef & it’s byproducts and a lot of the supplements he wanted to try had gelatin in them, so that was not even an option. Though I kinda think my doctor doesn’t believe me when I say I’m spewing allergic to beef lol!

Sooooo long story short, I started taking the antibiotics in February and since then I have slowly started feeling better. These last few weeks, I have feel the best I’ve ever felt on a consistent basis in my whole little life. Now that I say that, life will be like okay, hold my beer lmao!

The last couple weeks I have slowly built up the courage to reintroduce foods I am/was intolerant to. Foods that I have legit cut out for over 3 years. I started with the ones that were lowest on the scale first, like lemon and did totally fine. This week I tried banana – the only one I cared about and did 100% fine!!


You guys!!!! I am so excited to finally have a freaking banana. Like that is my favorite fruit ever and I was so sad to cut it out. Oh and on a side note, it rated 2nd highest reaction (pineapple was the highest) on the test and the intolerance is completely gone! Funny thing is cabbage rated very low on the test and I am still very intolerant to it. Like running for a bottle of Zofran intolerant.

I have no idea if the antibiotics had anything to do with clearing up some of my sensitivities, I have to think they at least helped and/or gave my brain the courage to try them and see.

Going forward, as my 6 weeks is almost up, I am switching to natural supplements and following some of the Medical Medium protocols. I have EBV, Strep overgrowth in my gut and a few heavy metals, so those are what I will be working on.

If you are struggling with any type of health issue or mystery illness, I highly recommend reading the Medical Medium book. Also some simple first steps to start healing would be to drink 16 ounces of fresh pressed celery juice on an empty stomach every morning, vitamin B12 & Zinc. Those would be a great place for anyone to start. Please keep in mind that I’m just sharing my experiences and am in no way a medical professional by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just a girl who learned the only way to get on the path of healing, was to advocate for myself, do the work and research a lot. Like it’s a hobby.

Okay I really gotta stop fiddling around on here and get ready for work.

Are you guys interested in a post about supplements, MM protocols or things I’m doing to heal? Can you tell I could talk about this stuff all day!?

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