My Kinda Therapy

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I met my friend, Stephanie for a hike at Palo Corona in Carmel Valley.

A little backstory…Stephanie actually hired me at the golf course. We instantly hit it off, but couldn’t hang out because of work. (she was the “Boss Lady”) Fast Forward a few years later, she no longer works for the company, so now we are friends IRL & go on a lot of hiking adventures!

This girl is fit AF, so I feel a little bad when I slow her down, but she’s super kind and always keeps me laughing. It’s so funny because we have a lot in common, hiking, outdoors, the miraculous powers a cup of hot tea provides, but there are some things we don’t, like politics. We know that and embrace our differences. There’s no judgement with this girl, except I totally judge her for lack of potatoes in her diet. Kidding. Kinda. 😉

Stephanie & I hiking Angles Landing March, 2018

Palo Corona was recently opened to the public last summer. It has been on our hiking list for awhile, but stupid work/adulting got in the way.

Palo Corona, Carmel Valley, CA

There are a lot of beautiful places to hike around here, but this one has got to be my new favorite. Until my next new favorite. It is so incredibly beautiful & we lucked out with perfect 68 degree weather.

There were cows roaming around moo-ing, the sun was shining, everywhere you looked was something different & unique…..therapy for the soul. We walked over a bridge with running water from all of the rain we received earlier this month. Walked through an oak tree grove. Fun fact: I love oak trees.

The hike up to Inspiration Point (so fitting) was kinda steep but amazing. So thankful Stephanie stopped with me several times to allow me to catch my breath and laugh because we were gabbing about life, current events & filling each other in on what’s been going on in our lives. (Stephanie just got back from Hawaii & y’all need to go check out her pics. #unreal) Anyway turns out that, talking & laughing while trying to climb up a hill completely out of shape might make you feel a little like death and sadness.

It was definitely the most challenging hike I’ve done all year. LMAO! 4.50 miles round trip with peaks of my HR so high I’ll probably start getting alerts from my Apple Watch.

Watch: Your heart rate is incredibly high, should I call 911?

Me: No (gasping and wheezing)

Watch: Bitch really?

Me: ………….maybe……..

View from the top of Inspiration Point. Carmel beach & the Pacific Ocean are off in the distance

In the end, it was the perfect afternoon and no one died. And by no one, I mean me because I’m so outta shape & allergic to cows.

Are you allergic to anything? What?

What is your version of therapy?


  1. I am allergic to everything (even our dog) and 6 years of allergy shots didn’t help much. But wow, that hike! Gorgeous. I want to live where it is warm year round!


  2. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are blogging again. I miss reading your life. This place looks AMAZING!!!! Would LOVE to get to go hang here. Sounds like you girls had a great day. So happy for you. I am allergic to CATS! Like BIG TIME. My favorite therapy is running but honestly it is anything outside.


    • Karen!!!! It’s so nice to “see” you!! Mike & I are planning a trip to Texas this spring, if we’re near you, I’d love to meet up. What part are you in? Please forgive me, I know you told me before.🙈


  3. Love the photos from your hike! This hike would definitely become one of my favorites if I lived there. So happy you have a great hiking buddy!


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