Blog Changes

I get a little nervous writing posts like this, but here goes anyway….

A Day With J will be changing to Cowboy And J very soon!

Cowboy and I decided to create a YouTube channel as a way to bring you on the journey with us. So last week I spent some time creating a YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook account, channel art and purchased a domain. (All of the accounts are linked at the end if you’re interested)

My intention with purchasing was to be able to run both blogs from one dashboard. Well turns out that’s not possible. I didn’t realize I couldn’t transfer to a brand new website for 60 days until after I purchased it.


After thinking about it, we decided to just change to to streamline things. There is no way we will have the time to write for 2 blogs, run a YouTube channel, keep up with social media, keep Bam alive and live life. So that is brings us here.

Over the next week or so, you will see some design changes, more blog posts and updates on where we are in this journey. All previous content from ADWJ will stay, and the writing style/content will still be the same. New additions will be words from Cowboy himself (Lawd help us all) and more about our new lifestyle.

We hope you’ll stick around, because we have SO much to share with you. August is a big month for us. It’s when our lives will shift dramatically and we will bring you along for all of it. And I mean ALL of it!

I’m finishing up a post about our timeline with specifics on what we have done up to this point, so expect it to be live in the next day or so.

We want to build a community so we can all share our stories, experiences, ideas and dreams. We would love it if you answer a few questions in the comments:

What do you want to see? What topics are you interested in? How can we provide content that you are interested in?

We truly feel that if we can sell nearly everything, live in a 5th wheel and travel, you can too! That’s……if it’s something you would like to do.

More ways to follow along:




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