Fitting In

I’ve gone back and forth about putting this into the world, but I realized how much I enjoy following others journey. I do not like surprises. I like to know what is ahead so I can enjoy the anticipation and have something to look forward to.

The road to Bryce Canyon, UT

I don’t know, maybe you feel the same way? Maybe you love surprises? Either way we are going to take you on our journey to retire. Or at the least relocate soon-ish and will not be anywhere in California. At this point we don’t even know where that gem of a place is, but we’re going on an adventure to find it!

Ahhhh it feels good to write that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous though. I’m more of a homebody – completely content being in my little house with my husband + dog. Sometimes Cowboy pushes me out of my comfort zone (like this moving out of state thing) and it really pisses me off. But it also makes me realize I am much more adaptable than I’d like to admit. And turns out I really do enjoy getting out of my comfort zone than I realize. How weird am I?

Don’t answer that.

Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, Page, AZ

As much as I love having roots in Monterey, I know there is so much more out there to explore. Somewhere we feel like we fit in.

You ever walk into a room of people and feel like you don’t belong? I think that’s how we feel in California. We both grew up in the Central Valley, a rich fertile farming community but we knew that wasn’t for us. We then moved to the San Francisco bay area, and we really didn’t fit in there at all. We had an opportunity to come to Monterey and although we have made a great life here, it will never be a place to retire.

Also, we just don’t fit in………..

Every May we take a road trip without plans, other than picking a direction, hop in the truck and drive. No booked hotels or itinerary or specific adventures. This time we going to Texas.

Texas has been on our list forever but we wanted to take our time and really enjoy it, so we hit up states closest to us first. This will be my first time visiting and I am looking forward to it. Actually that’s a lie, we went through Amarillo a few years ago, but I wouldn’t call it spending time there. We were only there a few hours.

Just like any journey, we will travel through Arizona, New Mexico and enjoy some adventures along the way. Though I’d imagine it will look + feel different with the times we are living in now, but it’s better than being on lockdown.

We literally have zero plans and I don’t even know what to expect from Texas other than a lot of y’all’s, ma-am’s and meeting some of the nicest people. At work, folks from the south are some of the nicest people I have ever met on the planet. We are excited to see it all!!! Or as much as we can.

If you’re familiar with Texas or live there, please tell us where to go. What should we see & do?

Is there another place or area that you loved and would recommend we check out? Doesn’t have to be Texas.


  1. I’m a fan of Pennsylvania. I live along Lake Erie and we have the best summers and falls. Winters can be intense but it gives you something to look forward to when the weather starts to get nicer. Small town feel with a lot of things to do. Best part is there’s no traffic and our lake looks like the ocean…seriously 😂


    • So excited to continue following along with you guys! I have a question/suggestion/anecdote- have you spent time anywhere in the South? I was born and raised in SF Bay Area and strangely, I never felt at home there or like I fit in. When I moved to the South at 20 I FINALLY felt like I belonged! The people are warm and friendly and it’s easy to relax and meld in! I highly recommend the gulf coast of Florida for laid back and welcoming times! I live in Georgia now and love it too. As for your Texas adventure- I can’t even count the number of people I’ve talked to that lived in Dallas for even a short time and loved it. You guys are awesome and will find good peeps wherever you go! ☺️ can’t wait to see where you end up 💖


      • We LOVE folks from the South!! Texas is as far as I’ve been but we plan to travel a lot more very soon, so we will end up there at some point. How you felt about leaving SF & feeling like you fit in is exactly how we felt in Texas! We definitely do not fit in anywhere in CA. Thanks for being here!


  2. I am excited to follow your new journey! When my wife and I retire we are planning to buy an RV and travel the US, and I cannot wait!

    As for Texas, I moved from Southern California to Central Texas (outside of Austin) 15 years ago and absolutely love it! Texas has so much to offer! I worked with a guy from Houston (when I was in Ca) and told him I was thinking of moving to Texas. He said, “You will have a better quality of life in Texas than you do here!” I asked “How so?” He said, “You will just know when you get there and get settled.” Sure enough, it is the truth! People are nice, it’s not as crowded, not as expensive, it’s not so “keeping up with the Jones”, people just seem more genuine.

    Life is short, and we only get one shot at it! Enjoy your new adventure!


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