Kale No

Taking a chance on this as I have a feeling it might be an unpopular opinion, but I am kinda enjoying this shelter in place order. Whew, there I said it.

To a point.

I’m not stoked about the government telling me what to do or not do, or anyone for that matter (sorry cowboy). But I love not having a schedule or obligations, anywhere to be or punching a ding dong time clock. SIP has allowed me bonus time to spend with cowboy + Bam, beach days, hot tea in bed, to tap into my creative side and just be free from self imposed pressure to be a productive human. And by productive, I mean keeping a daily routine. Don’t ask me about how long I linger in bed with hot tea each morning, Karen!

Not saying I’m living the bum life over here either. I’m comfortable, but I’m also wanting to be more creative and productive. I’m really embracing the abundance of downtime and appreciate it so much. I realize this may not be the case for many and I am genuinely sensitive to that as well. Everyone’s situation is a bit different. I hope you are enjoying this time more than struggling.

Time is the ultimate luxury.

Moving on to other things like….irony. I was telling you guys how I wanted to focus on the good things during this weird time. (Previous post) and then boom! I added frozen kale to a marinara sauce last week and it made me so.incredibly. sick. Nausea, reflux, horrible stomach pain…. Thought I was gonna die, then got really sad when I didn’t.

I doubled up on Zofran and was contemplating taking a third. Mike has been telling me for years kale is bad for you and it tastes like butt crack….now I believe him.

We *think* I had an allergic reaction, which makes sense because I’m allergic to cabbage & broccoli and kale is in the same family. All I can say is never again will I allow such a nice innocent looking leaf attack me like that again. I feel so violated.

After that mess, I have been making a daily decision to help my body recover. Our bodies fight so hard for us 24/7 it’s absolutely amazing. Thankfully my acupuncturist was able to get me in for an emergency treatment. It was exactly what my body needed. It provided a huge reduction of inflammation gave it the extra support needed to not die. After, I have been focusing even more than usual on supporting my body. Specifically the stomach, intestines, liver & spleen.

I enjoy seeing what supplements others take, so if you feel the same way, here’s a little about what I take. Zinc and D3 for immune support. B12 because I consume a lot more plants than animal products now. Lemon Balm is good for various reasons, but I use it because it’s calming to the nervous system. Yi Guan Jian was prescribed from my acupuncturist to support the liver and it’s also a blood builder. In Chinese Medicine, I tend to be blood deficient. I have a lot of other supplements in my treasure box, but it’s a good idea to pick a few at a time and know why you’re taking them.


Of possible interest…..

Episode 260, Misery Loves Company from The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. Michael Bosstick was fire as he was talking about using our time in quarantine to be productive and positive. I highly recommend their podcast, but especially this episode.

Oh and the episode with Ed Mylett. OMG it’s straight up gold!! Cowboy loved this one and he’s not into listening to podcasts at all.

Tell me, how are you REALLY doing during this weird time?

Do you take supplements? If yes, which ones?

What are you reading/watching/listening to?


  1. I’m fairly stressed during this time as I’m working in health care, on the front lines of the covid pandemic. Worse than that though, my sweet little 18 year old dog passed away last week. He was my child and so this time has been pretty devastating. However, the SIP order allowed my husband to be home more so ultimately during the last couple weeks of his life someone was home with him at all times and for that I am grateful.

    I do take some supplements. I take L theanine for stress management, elderberry, zinc and echinacea for immune support, and melatonin for sleep!

    Finally, I’ve been reading the new Jessica simpson autobiography as well as Pearls of Wisdom from Barbara Bush, both of which are great!

    My mom had a similar experience with avocado as you did with banana…it’s a bummer when something super healthy nearly takes you out. I also had something happen once when I added bee pollen to a smoothie. NEVER AGAIN!! I agree though, kale tastes disgusting.


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