February: The longest, shortest month ever

Good morning! I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend. I’ve been in bed for awhile now because I think there was an undeclared allergen ingredient at a salad bar yesterday that had me popping Zofran like I owned stock in GSK. I’m feeling better this morning, so I figured I’d ease into the day and update you on what we’ve been up to lately. Or I may just want to stay comfy cozy in bed with my new Barefoot Dreams blanket cowboy surprised me with yesterday. OhMyGosh every girl NEEDS one of these!!

Before the allergy issue, cowboy surprised me with a Minnie Mouse Barefoot Dreams blanket. AKA the #KardasianBlanket

Cowboy & I have definitely had our share of mixed feelings for pretty much the entire month of February. Let me back up & fill you in because there has been so much.

I worked ProAm, which is always and insanely busy week. Except this year mother nature unleashed her wrath on us which made playing & viewing conditions a very wet, soggy mess including a freak crazy hail storm. Y’all from the Midwest would probably die laughing at what this California girl calls “bad weather.”🙊 But none the less, it was a fun, rewarding week filled with a lot of comradery, good times, cold hands & feet and satisfying days of hard work. And it’s over ha!

17 tee at Pebble Beach

My first day off after working 6 days straight, Cowboy & I were out running errands and suddenly our lives were flipped upside down. We were at the pet store debating which dog food to buy, he bent over to point at a bag and that’s when his left side started tingling and went numb. Then some other weird symptoms appeared-it was very clear this was unlike anything he’d ever experienced, so we went to the ER.

To make a very long, scary story short, it was a stroke. The ER visit caused us both a lot of anxiety, especially when the doctor said if the “clot busting” drug they gave him didn’t work they would have to airlift him to Stanford. Not sure anyone could ever be mentally prepared to hear that.

Most definitely not Disneyland

Thankfully the drug worked and after a few days in the ICU, he came home on Valentines Day. That lasted about 24 hours then I took him back to the ER for the same, yet less severe symptoms. Thankfully all scans & tests came back clear so we think he was just having a bad day, but we still don’t have any clear answers or direction on specialists to see and how to heal. So that’s currently where we’re at.

We are very thankful he is expected to recover as things could have been far worse, however he has some work to do. The left side is still weak, numb & tingling. His vision is really off and he will have to relearn some fine motor skills. The good thing is he still has his charming sense of humor, and by that I mean demented.🤣 So not one thing has changed there. He can also walk, yet a little slower than before, so that’s teaching me a lot of patience because I swear, slow walkers will be the death of me some day. And now I’m married to one. #karmaisabitch

He keeps saying “be patient with me, I have a brain injury” I’m gonna give him a brain injury, he’s been milking that line for 2 weeks now!

This is the same guy that when a stranger asks “how are you today?” he responds with me standing right next to him, “still married”

We both have a very dark sense of humor. He scared me, seeing him scared, so we use jokes. Even one of our close friends said he wasn’t sure who was gonna die 1st, Bam or Mike.🙊

I’ve taken some time off work to be with him, so I figured it was a good time to start taking 2 antibiotics to knock down a bacterial gut infection I’ve had for awhile. I was terrified to take them because the last time I took an antibiotic, I ended up really sick for months and my stomach actually went into paralysis. Thankfully this time is much better. The antibiotics are targeted specifically for the gut, not broadspectrum, so I think that’s why I’m actually feeling better, not worse. I’m happy to share more about this if you guys are interested.

So now that you’re up do date on what’s going on around here, I want to know what you’ve been up to?


  1. I am so glad Mike is doing better. Ever since you posted what happened he’s been in my prayers (and you, too!). One day at a time, girl. You are both very strong!


  2. So glad Mike is doing better! Wow! What a crazy month you’ve had! Hopefully you’ll get rid of that bug you have and be back to your daily routine soon. The month of March has to be better, because it’s officially spring and that means better weather at least for us midwesterners. Just think in a few months you’ll be at Disneyland and of course nothing really matters when your there except having fun! Hope you have a great weekend and are able to get outside and enjoy a bit of nature.💕


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